Bath Time!

It all started about four months ago when we decided to renovate our bathroom. At the time I really didn’t think anything of it until the time came to remove the shower screen and fittings for the shower. I was heartbroken, this love of fast moving water that I had become accustomed to that allowed me to keep my life “on the move” was to be broken and off-line for a total of 2 months! Panic set in – what was I going to do? Go to my friends or colleagues every night? Hook up a hose to the outside tap? Or take the inevitable option of choosing 45 mins time-out to have a bath each and every night…………I was panicked at the thought of needing All this time to clean myself!

How wrong could I have been – the longer the bath time went on, the more and more I began to look forward to the peace and serenity of a bath that allowed me to recuperate my thoughts outside of my professional life! Simply by taking those 45 minutes of bliss, it allowed me to reduce my levels of stress whilst becoming MORE productive (despite it now taking longer for me to clean myself). It gave me protected space in my day to enjoy my own company. Fast forward two months later and the shower has now been fixed – I still make sure I have AT LEAST two baths a week to have some time to myself, this time out to self-reflect has allowed me to have better relationships at home and at work! I am now almost disappointed when I have to rush having a shower and not really taking the time out of my day to enjoy a little “me time” .

Just pop in a Bath Beautiful Bomb and light a Candle and let your senses do the rest!

#Lovebathtime #Metime